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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bink?

Bink is a brand new mobile app that automatically collects your loyalty points and offers, without the need to show your loyalty cards at the till, so you will never miss out again! It securely links payment cards to loyalty schemes so all you have to do is pay as usual and your points are automatically collected on all eligible purchases. Yes, even those 99p transactions that you don’t normally bother getting your loyalty cards out for!

Bink puts you in control, by giving you access to all of your loyalty memberships in one simple to use app; you no longer need to carry around lots of cards and it is quick and easy to earn the rewards you deserve. Not only this, you can also watch your points grow as you spend more, see what they are worth and receive personalised offers from your favourite brands, all in one place.

What does Bink mean?

Verb - To automatically receive all your points & offers by using your payment card

What are the benefits?

Where do we start?! With Bink you can:

  • Automatically collect your loyalty points and offers when you shop
  • Access your rewards balances from all of your eligible loyalty schemes in one place
  • Know the monetary value of your points (if appropriate) and the non-monetary rewards you have, from coffee shots to exclusive benefits
  • See your most recent transactions (where available)
  • Receive personalised offers from your favourite brands
  • Link directly to your favourite brands’ websites
  • What’s more, we’ll let you know when you’re missing out on points because your shopping somewhere and not part of their scheme, helping you to join quickly and easily

Is Bink secure? How safe is my information?

We take security very seriously and keeping your personal details safe is very important to us. We’re directly partnered with Visa, MasterCard & Amex and if they can trust us, so can you.

We are a PCI Level 1 service provider which means that we meet the highest level of security standards set by the industry and will always protect your data with bank level encryption. On iOS you can also secure your app with Touch ID and/or passcode for that extra layer of security - this is coming very soon on Android.

Lastly, we will NEVER share your personal information without your say so. To find out more you can see our Privacy Policy here and or Terms & Conditions here.

How do I use Bink?

  • Download the free Bink app by searching ‘Bink’ on either the ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’
  • Create a Bink account using Facebook, Twitter or your email address
  • Scan your loyalty cards into the app
  • Link all of your loyalty accounts usingyour login details for each of your schemes (just the once)
  • Scan your payment card(s) into the app (it’s super secure we promise)
  • Bink will then link everything together (like magic)
  • Finally, shop (and pay) as you usually would to automatically receive your loyalty points on all eligible purchases
  • That’s it! Simple, safe and secure – sit back, relax and never miss out on any of your loyalty points or rewards again

How do I add my loyalty cards?

How do I add my payment cards?

How do I delete my cards?

iOS: From the wallet screen simply swipe from the right hand side of the card you wish to delete. Then click the delete button and confirm with one more click.

Android: From the wallet screen click on the card you wish to delete. Then click the 'bin' icon and confirm with one more click.

What does the pink tick on my loyalty cards mean?

You can Bink with this brand! Once you have added this card to your wallet and linked to the provider we can auto-collect your loyalty points whenever you shop there, no longer any need to keep presenting your loyalty card when paying.

My loyalty card doesn’t have a pink tick, what does this mean?

That brand doesn’t currently Bink, which means for now you still need to show your card at the till. If you flip the card over in the app you will be shown either a barcode or your card number to show when you make a purchase, just in case the shop is unable to read the barcode from your phone.

Why does my scanned barcode look different?

This is simple because it’s on a screen and not printed, it will still work in the same way at the till.

Why do I not have a barcode, only numbers?

Many Retailer till scanners are a bit hit or miss when it comes to scanning, particularly the older ones because of all the recent changes in technology. The numbers are simply the barcode in number format. We didn’t want you to be disappointed, so we’ve removed the barcode for brands which we know have problems scanning. Just enter the number at the till to collect all your points and / or rewards.

You need to ‘link in order to Bink’. We need the additional information in order to verify your account with your loyalty provider. We promise we won’t use it for anything else but we do need it to make sure you get your points – automatically!

Which loyalty schemes does Bink support?

Bink’s wallet currently supports over 130 different loyalty schemes and we adding more all of the time… so keep your eyes peeled!

Why can I not Bink with all the brands in my wallet?

Bink is constantly signing up new partners and although it is our ambition to work with everyone, different retailers and merchants naturally have different technical and digital capabilities and enablement, making it a constantly evolving process.

I don’t see a loyalty scheme I use; can I add it?

If you use a loyalty scheme which isn’t in the app email us here and we’ll do our best to get it added as soon as we can.

How long does it take for points and rewards to appear on my account?

It really depends on the partner you are expecting the points and/or rewards from, most will turn up relatively quickly, but it could take up to a week for them to appear on your account. If you’ve been patient and they haven’t been added after a week or so, please get in touch.

Are there any limits to how often I can Bink?

Nope! Once you're connected we will match your transactions to your loyalty card so you won’t miss out again – ever! The only limits which may apply are those of your specific loyalty schemes - but hopefully there aren't too many of them!

Can you auto-collect using a Barclays / Barclaycard registered in Bink?

Yes! You can now automatically collect points on all UK issued Credit & Debit Cards when you pay at our select partners using a card registered with Bink.

Does it work with mobile wallets?

Bink now works with mobile wallets. As long as the Debit/Credit card, in your Apple/Android wallet, is also in Bink you can collect points without using any cards!

What about when I pay by cash?

Bink doesn’t work with cash, so in those instances you can simply show your digital barcode or the membership number in the Bink wallet.

For any other problems get in touch with us by email here.