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Bink, or Miss Out

Bink offers a simple and effective way to store loyalty cards, view points and transactions and manage loyalty programs.

Coming soon…the ability to supercharge your card. Link your loyalty programs to your payment cards and earn points with any of our partner brands simply by paying.


Your loyalty cards in one place

Ditch the plastic. Scan all your loyalty cards into the Bink wallet and never carry your Linked cards again. At checkout – simply show the loyalty barcode on your phone screen, just as you would with a plastic card. Enjoy that extra wallet space!


Your points balances and see your favourite brands offers all in one place

With Bink you’re always on top of things. Keep up to date with all your balances just through a single app and see special offers from your favourite brands too.


Your payment card to selected loyalty programs so you never have to show a loyalty card again – coming soon!

Supercharge your payment card. Simply and securely scan your payment card into the Bink app and auto-collect points from any of our partner brands. No more fumbling with plastic and paper coupons, no more missed points. Loyalty should be simple and rewarding – now it can be.

Benefits of Bink

1. No hassle sign-up

Join new programs in a couple of clicks.

2. One place for all

Store your loyalty programs in one place – easily check points and balances.

3. Your payment card – supercharged

Auto-collect points just by using your linked payment card – coming soon!

4. Never carry your Linked loyalty cards again

Ditch the plastic. Lighten those wallets.