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How it works

Bink is a simple add on to any loyalty platform. We quickly and securely implement our transaction matching technology with your program.

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Card linking

Users are encouraged to add loyalty cards to the Bink app. They can store all in one place and view their balances and rewards.

By linking to their payment cards they can automatically collect loyalty from partnered schemes, meaning no need for plastic loyalty cards and 100% of card purchase data tracked.

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Your app. Our technology

Bink has SDKs and APIs available for businesses to integrate within their own technology. This will allow customers to load their loyalty cards into your app and automatically collect points and rewards as they shop.

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Insight dashboards

We’ll provide bespoke dashboards to give business’ enhanced data insight on customers. Data provided can be used to grow loyalty schemes, re-engage passive members and track loyalty spend – a valuable tool to influence your CRM strategy.

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One size doesn’t fit all. But our tech does…

Our dedicated tech team work with you to ensure a smooth and simple integration process across your outlets and systems. We work with you to find solutions and streamline processes, leaving you with a cutting-edge loyalty service for your customers, delivering better value and greater insights

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Watch the difference. See how Bink transforms collecting loyalty.

Watch the difference. See how Bink transforms redeeming loyalty.

Watch how Bink helps you quickly and easily acquire new members onto your loyalty scheme.